Dark Monotroid is the Monobook version of Wikitroid's custom Monaco skin. This skin is meant to be used as a cooler version of Monobook, due to its dark theme, in contrast to the regular Monobook theme which is quite too bright for Metroid's dark theme. This has several advantages over the standard Monaco skin, as it appears less uncluttered than the Monaco skin, and is more simplistic in comparison.


The code is based off of the Monaco skin, using the same colors it uses for just about everything, except redlinks (they've been colored brighter). With that intro out of the way, the code is located here. To try it out, follow the, er, following:

  1. For extended uses, select Monobook as your default skin and uncheck the choice "Let the admins override my skin choice" in your preferences, and add the code to your Monobook.css subpage. You can then view the entire site through Dark Monotroid. Remember to reset the Monobook page to normal if using Monobook. If not, blank the page or ask an administrator to delete it. After this, set the preferences to whatever settings you had before testing Dark Monotroid.
  2. If you would like to try it out on one or two pages, add the code to your Monobook.css page first. Next, add ?useskin=monobook to the URL (web address) of any article you're viewing, or &useskin=monobook if you're viewing a special page or edit page. When you're done testing, follow the last step in the first method to return the skin to normal.

General NotesEdit

  • Report any problems, issues, or suggestions to the talk page.
  • If you want to completely cancel out the code and revert to the default Monobook, you'll have to comment out the code by using /* and */. placing the first piece of code before all of the code, and the second piece of code after to close the comment.